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Programs:  Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects
Date: May 2021
Hyunseo Jung (3D Modelling, Video, Mockup),
Nadiminti Sarvani (Graphic Design, Toy Concept)
Neutralising gendered toys, Fable-O-Ables brings in the game of roleplaying to all children by fighting existing stereotypes. It depicts the story-telling art of Kaavad from Rajasthan through a wide range of folklore including Aesop’s Fables, Panchatantra Stories, and others.

The packaging of Fable-O-Ables is also a part of the toy, ensuring it isn’t thrown away after opening. This makes it sustainable and re-usable.
Fable-o-Ables Picture 1
Fable-o-Ables Picture 2
Fable-o-Ables Picture 3
Fable-o-Ables Picture 1Fable-o-Ables Picture 2Fable-o-Ables Picture 3
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